Homemade Vanilla Extract Recipe

1) Take 15 Grade A or B vanilla bean pods

2) 500ml Russian vodka is the best option

3) Submerge sliced or chopped vanilla bean pods into bottle of vodka and seal the glass

4) Wait for up to two months for it to mature and become vanilla extract

5) Shaking the mix once in a while or once every week will enhance the flavour of the extraction process

6) In about two months your extract will be ready and your vodka will take the colour of your vanilla bean pods

Different types of vanilla bean pods will make different flavour extract as they all have their own unique flavour. Madagascar Vanilla Pods will make traditional, rich and creamy extract. Our vanilla extract is relatively similar to home-made quality vanilla extract. Making your own home-made vanilla extract is the best option, but if you have no time to wait about two months to make one of your own, then please try our finely crafted and carefully balanced premium vanilla extract or vanilla paste.

Natural Vanilla Extract is not a see-through liquid and it should have some vanilla residue at the bottom of the bottle over time. These are good signs to know whether vanilla extract is pure and genuine.